The prize for scientific research and technological innovation, known as the “Giulio Natta” and “Nicolò Copernico” awards, were instituted in the City of Ferrara on May 2003 to celebrate the birth centenary of Prof. Giulio Natta, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in the Chemistry (1963) for the discovery of Polypropylene, and who, Fifties carried out most of his work at the “Petrochemical plant” in Ferrara, opened the era of plastic products, and the 500th anniversary of Nicolaus Copernicus’s graduation from the University of Ferrara, on the 31st of May 1503.

This prize have been promoted by the Promoting Committee and derive from a proposal by the Portomaggiore-San Giorgio Lions Club. This idea was accepted and supported by the management of Basell R&D, now LyondellBasell and it was warmly welcomed by all the scientific, cultural and civil authorities of the City of Ferrara and of the Italian and international scientific community.

The main of the above mentioned awards is to promote knowledge of Science and the support the Research and the scientific culture.

The “Giulio Natta” and “Nicolò Copernico” prizes are respectively assigned to a senior researcher in the field of Chemistry and to a italian and foreign young researchers known in the scientific community for important and innovative results achieved in different areas of research.