Prof. Dr. Walter Kaminsky

Prof. Kaminsky was a leading pioneer in α-olefin chemistry. Starting his career working in Ziegler-Natta-Catalysts his devotion was later directed to the catalysis of α-olefine polymerization with metallocens. Specifically, his findings about the role of the co-catalysts helped to make the pace for this class of catalysts towards a future of highly productive catalysts in industrial application. He was recognized and honored for this receiving the Heinz Beckurts Award together with Prof. Brintzinger and the Alwin Mittasch Medal together with Prof. Sinn and Prof. Brintzinger. It is remarkable that already in the early 70´s of the last century his vision of α-olefin chemistry was going way beyond the mission of innovating modern materials. His engagement into recycling of α-olefins by pyrolysis witnesses that he realized the need for closed live-time cycles of products and materials in modern societies. He was honored for this together with Prof. Sinn by the European Research Award for the Recycling of Plastic Waste. His devotion to science and teaching is recognized being an honorary member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Carothers Award, the Benjamin Franklin Medal, the Hermann Staudinger Award and being and being honorary faculty member of the Zhejiang University. Still he brings his enthusiasm to young researchers making them devoted to his field. For all these reasons the committee honors him for his live time achievements in α-olefin chemistry.

Prof. Dr. Walter Kaminsky was born 1941 in Hamburg and studied chemistry at the University of Hamburg. Since 1979 he has been a full professor for technical and macromolecular chemistry at the University of Hamburg. He received vocations to the Universities of Oldenburg and Karlsruhe.
His group was active in the field of metallocene/MAO catalysis and a group in the field of recycling of plastics and scrap tires by pyrolysis. His past experience includes the discovery of a highly active, soluble metallocene catalyst system for the polymerization of olefins and the development of a technical pyrolysis plant for acquiring valuable fractions from waste containing hydrocarbons. Further research and lectures are in the field of chemical engineering, energy production, Recycling, land filling and macromolecular chemistry.
He was President of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh), Hamburg section, Dean of the faculty of chemistry at the University of Hamburg, Director of the Institute for Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry, and is a member of the GDCh, DECHEMA, Naturforscher und Arzte, Verein deutscher Ingenieure, and American Chemical Society.
He has published more close to 500 articles and books and holds 20 patents.
He organized several international symposia in the field of olefin polymerization and pyrolysis of
polymer wastes and was guest professor for courses in macromolecular chemistry in Rennes, France.
He is advisor for authorities and companies in the fields of metallocene catalysts, polymerization of olefins, and recycling of plastics and environmental protection.

Short Biography
1941 born on 7. Mai 1941 in Hamburg
1971 Ph.D. with Hansjorg Sinn in Hamburg
1972- 1978 Research Assistant at University of Hamburg
1978 Stand in C4-professorship for Chemical Engineering at University Oldenburg
1980-2006 C4-professorship for Chemical Engineering and Macromolecular Chemistry at University Hamburg
1982 Habilitation in Hamburg
1987-1989 Dean of the Faculty for Chemistry at University Hamburg
1988 Award for European Science of the Korber-Foundation
1991 Heinz Beckurts-Preis
1995 Alwin Mittasch-Medal
1996 Honorary Member of the Royal Chemical Society
1997 Carothers Award of the American Chemical Society, Delaware Section for Contributions and Advances in Industrial Applications of Chemistry
1997 Walter Ahlstrom Award of the Finnish Academies
1998 Honorary Professor of the Zhejiang University, China
1999 Benjamin Franklin Medal
1999 Outstanding Achievement Award of the Society of Plastic Engineers, SPE Devision, USA
2003 Hermann Staudinger Award 2002
2008 Honorary Professor of the East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai
2012 Honorary Doctor of the Aalto University, Finland.