Engineering sciences

Dr.ssa Annalisa Fortini

For submission of research thesis entitled:
Surface and interface modification of nanostructured hematite for solar water splitting

The research activity was devoted to the development and the experimental characterisation of a novel concept of morphing blade, intended for cooling fan for earth moving machines.
The thermal characterisation of the shape memory alloy material allowed to optimise the thermomechanical parameters (temperature, time and strain) of the shape setting treatment. The recovery behaviour was assessed by considering the percentage of shape recovery with the increasing number of thermal cycles. Firstly, a proof of concept of composite structure, comprising a single strip and a polymeric matrix was design on purpose and then the development of a novel concept of morphing blade was considered. The shape changes of the blade have been experimentally evaluated through a purpose-built wind tunnel. Experimental findings highlighted the opportunity to generate an innovative passive control system based on shape memory alloys material whose thermal activation enables the production of favourable aerodynamic shape changes. The results arising from the research activity of Dr. Fortini have been presented at national and international conferences and published in international journals.
Taken at all, these innovative aspects in the field of the Industrial Engineering represent a full merit to assign the Nicolò Copernico Award 2016 for innovative thesis to Dr. Annalisa Fortini.