Dr. Luciano Onder

The Organizing Committee of the Awards Natta and Copernicus gives, for the 2016 edition, the Copernicus Award for the scientific disclosure to Dr. Luciano Onder for his strong work of popular science producer dedicated to medical and food sciences. The science disclosure activity exerted by Dr. Luciano Onder with the famous and popular transmission Medicine 33 of RAI2 enabled a widespread dissemination of medical and food sciences at the popular level. The scientific rigor employed by Dr. Onder allowed to maintain a high level, without losing contact with the general public. Topics covered by Dr. Onder have always been extremely updated, and at the same time showed great cultural and social commitment. The different activities of Dr. O ... continua >>

Prof. Dr. Walter Kaminsky

Prof. Kaminsky was a leading pioneer in α-olefin chemistry. Starting his career working in Ziegler-Natta-Catalysts his devotion was later directed to the catalysis of α-olefine polymerization with metallocens. Specifically, his findings about the role of the co-catalysts helped to make the pace for this class of catalysts towards a future of highly productive catalysts in industrial application. He was recognized and honored for this receiving the Heinz Beckurts Award together with Prof. Brintzinger and the Alwin Mittasch Medal together with Prof. Sinn and Prof. Brintzinger. It is remarkable that already in the early 70´s of the last century his vision of α-olefin chemistry was ... continua >>

Dott.ssa Stefania Gallo

The scientific work of Dr. Stefania Gallo, published in 2015 by the prestigious journal Nature Communications, is based on the study of post-transcriptional gene regulation mechanism, called alternative splicing. The research of Dr. Gallo has employed as a model for studying angiogenesis, which is the biological process of the formation of blood vessels. The different proteins, known as isoforms, which are translated from transcripts of the same gene, can differ among those present in a normal tissue and tumor tissue. The different transcripts and related protein isoforms can then become potential biomarkers of specific cancers. Indeed, tumors creating new blood vessels can grow and expand. This study is o ... continua >>

Dott. Marco Drago

The Nicolò Copernico – Fondazione Carice” award for Physics 2016 is assigned to Dr. Marco Drago (Albert Einstein Institüt, Hannover, Germany) for his work and his important contribution to the analysis of experimental data from interferometric gravitational wave detectors, in order to search for gravitational wave signatures.

Marco Drago’s scientific career – starting with his undergraduate and Ph.D. studies at Università di Padova, and later with its post-doc appointments, first in Trento and then in Hannover – has been mainly focused on the search of gravitational waves. Marco Drago has worked mainly on the development of algorithms that compare noisy data streams comin ... continua >>

Biological and environmental sciences

Dott.Vasileios Aschonitis

for the Ph.D. thesis:
“Assessment of European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) population collapse dynamics in the Comacchio lagoon using mathematical models and the role of global factors in the population”.

Dr. Vasileios Aschonitis, in April 2016, received his Ph.D. in Evolutionary and Environmental Biology, University of Ferrara with the score “good”. His resume is “excellent.” With his strong will and strong attachment to work, he has become a very good young researcher. His scientific production consists of 25 surveyed publications. His main research topics include model ... continua >>

Molecular Medicine and Pharmacology

Dott.ssa Marina Capece

For the presentation of the research thesis entitled:
Accelerated tumor progression in mice lacking the ATP receptor P2X7.

Dr. Marina Capece has particularly distinguished herself, during the three years course of the Ph.D. program, for the high scientific quality of her research and publications. Dr. Marina Capece showed, with the guidance of her mentor Prof. Francesco di Virgilio, uncommon ability of scientific research in conjunction with the methodological rigor and organizational skills. Dr. Capece has posted very good in her research group and has been shown to be able to manage herself well with various internal and externa ... continua >>

Earth Science

Dott.ssa D’Antone Carmelisa

In the age of food industry globalization, there is a brand-new problem related to the knowledge on food origin. The recent awareness of consumers has brought to the development of research for the determination of the geographic origin of food products in order to avoid any fraud. Over the last few years, there has been a significant growth in wine demand by new markets, like Asia and Sud America, and the growth of the request caused the conversion of big agricultural areas to vineyard. However, due to the soil quality and the local climatic conditions of the different geographical areas, the new vineyards might not be able ... continua >>

Chemical Sciences

Dott. Nicola Dalle Carbonare

For submission of the thesis:
Surface and interface modification of nanostructured hematite for solar water splitting

The research activity of Dr. Nicola Dalle Carbonare was aimed at the interfacial study of nanostructured hematite photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting cells. Hematite is an extremely abundant and environmentally benign material which can be prepared in either crystalline or nanocrystalline form through a variety of chemical methods based on low cost precursors. Due to its band gap of ca. 2.2 eV, allowing the capture of a wide region of the solar spectrum, hematite wo ... continua >>

Engineering sciences

Dr.ssa Annalisa Fortini

For submission of research thesis entitled:
Surface and interface modification of nanostructured hematite for solar water splitting

The research activity was devoted to the development and the experimental characterisation of a novel concept of morphing blade, intended for cooling fan for earth moving machines.
The thermal characterisation of the shape memory alloy material allowed to optimise the thermomechanical parameters (temperature, time and strain) of the shape setting treatment. The recovery behaviour was assessed by considering the percentage of shape recovery with the increasing number of thermal cycles. F ... continua >>

Chemical Sciences

Dott. Federico Ronconi

For submission of the thesis
Preparation and Characterization of Photoelectroactive Substrates for Water Splitting and Hydrogen Production

The research activity of Dr. Federico Ronconi was aimed at the exploitation of molecular systems interfaced with semiconductors and charge transfer catalysts, for the assembly of photoelectrosynthetic cells where water splitting leads to the production of solar hydrogen.
The possibility to employ molecular dyes for the photogeneration of strongly oxidizing redox equivalents to drive energetically demanding redox reactions for the production of solar fuels is highly attractive in view ... continua >>

Architectural technology

Dott. Shahryar Habibi

For the presentation of the research thesis entitled:
Smart Workplace Micro-Climatization and Real-Time Digitalization Effects on Energy Efficiency Based on User Behavior

The prevision of intelligent building energy management systems – particularly in workplaces- and the use of building information modeling (BIM) together with smart sensor systems and intelligent management systems (IMSs), are today representing innovative tools for energy saving. The analysis of user behaviors on the workplace highlighted a possible additional role to these Real Time revelation systems, tools used to improve indoor environment ... continua >>


Dott.ssa Virginia Strati

For the presentation of the research Thesis
Advanced modeling for studying antineutrinos and gamma rays coming from the Earth

Thesis: Advanced modeling for studying antineutrinos and gamma rays coming from the Earth
In this thesis are discussed the scientific challenges that emerge when three different, but not distant, fundamental disciplines are called to interact, i.e. Earth Sciences, Statistics and Particle Physics. According to me, their interconnection reveals a great potential for advancing the frontiers of knowledge and represents one of the key-point of Thesis.
The obtained and discussed results ... continua >>


Dott. Edagard Bonfiglioli

For the presentation of the research thesis:
Produzione e caratterizzazione magnetica di nanostrutture magnetiche accoppiate per interazione di scambio

The thesis submitted is about the properties of the electrodes of a spin valve, namely bilayer nanostructures grown by dc-magnetron sputtering. The scientific importance of this work is related to the use of spin valves in the development of read heads for hard disk drives and nonvolatile magnetic random access memories laterally confined to the nanoscale, as spin valves are able to cope with the increasing demand for miniaturization of magnetic devices, to be inc ... continua >>

Engineering Sciences

Dr.ssa Giulia Farina

For the presentation of the research thesis entitled:
Moderne tecniche per una misura speditiva della portata in corsi d’acqua naturali

Giulia Farina’s Ph.D. Research focused on the development of procedures for estimating discharge in open-channel gauged sites, which are alternative to the traditional but laborious Velocity-Area technique, and able to determine discharge from a reduced number of point velocity measurements.
The first procedure derives from the entropy concept, applied for the first time in hydraulics in 1987 by Chiu, and allows to estimate the entropy parameter M, then the discharge, starti ... continua >>