Silvia Rosa Brusin


The Natta and Copernicus Promoters Committee conferes the Copernicus Prize for Scientific Disclosure, 2017 edition, to Dr. Silvia Rosa-Brusin for her excellent work as a scientific disseminator of basic and applied sciences and innovative technologies. The scientific disclosure of Dr. Silvia Rosa-Brusin, with the significant and important television program Leonardo of RAI 3, allows to reach a wide spectrum of viewers, encouraging the enjoyment of important scientific and technological knowledge of different topics. The Leonardo RAI 3 broadcast, beautifully organized by Dr. Silvia Rosa-Brusin, makes simple, difficult scientific discoveries, without ever coming to the trivial. The rigor made by Leonardo ... continua >>

Prof. Francesco M. E. Sannicolò


Prof Francesco Sannicolò is one of the most distingued Italian Scientist in the fields of Stereoselective Catalysis , Heterocyclic Chemistry and Stereochemistry. He is particularly renowned for the use of the inherent chirality strategy, (i.e. the coincidence of the stereogenic element responsible for chirality and functional group characterizing the specific function of a compound or a material) in the discovery of new enantioselective chelating ligands of transition metals, inherent chiral Ionic Organic salts, and electroconductive polymeric structures based on inherent chiral heterocycles.
All these new inherent chiral ligands, nanostructures and nanomaterials, discove ... continua >>

Dott. Tito Panciera e Dott. Luca Azzolin


The work of Drs. Tito Panciera and Luca Azzolin, published in December 2017 on the prestigious Journal Cell Stem Cell, is focused on the re-program and conversion of somatic stem cells, starting from differentiated cells belonging to different tissues. This research highlights the plasticity of differentiated cells to become again somatic stem cells with the biological characteristics of the starting tissue. Drs. Tito Panciera and Luca Azzolin, both co-first authors of the work, obtain ... continua >>

Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Dott.ssa Ximena Maria Muresan


In her thesis, Ximena Muresan explored the physiological role of SRB1 in skin, a receptor known to be involved in reverse cholesterol transfer (therefore present mainly in steroidogenic tissues), the cutaneous location of which was unexpected. Thanks to the use of state of the art techniques such as home made 3D skin model we were able to evidence a cutaneous role of SRB1 mainly involved in keratinocytes differentiation and migration giving to this receptor a key role in cutaneous wound healing. In addition, Ximena work was also able to evidence SRB1 susceptibility to exogenous and endogenous oxidative stress, suggesting a new mechanism of act ... continua >>

Earth Science


For submission of research thesis entitled:

“The application of natural and NH4+-enriched chabazite zeolites as soil amendment: a bio-geochemical exploration”


The thesis, written in English, under supervision Professor Massimo Coltorti and with the support of Prof.ssa Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern, Full Professor for Soil Science and Soil Microbiolgy, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, della Boku University di Vienna, within the SSD GEO/07 was devoted to the study of the application of zeolite minerals in agricultural context to the aim of reducing environmental pollution caused by the application of chemical fertilizers. The ma ... continua >>


Dott. Giacomo Gadda

For the presentation of the research Thesis

Development of new techniques for the study of human brain drainage


During his PhD, Dr. Giacomo Gadda was brilliantly involved in a research project funded by MIUR (PRIN 2010-2011), which also saw the collaboration between the Medical Physics Group and the Vascular Disease Center of Ferrara University for the study of an important and partially unexplored physiological function: the cerebral venous outflow. Dr. Gadda first developed a hemodynamic model to extend the intracranial circulation of the veins of the neck and to calculate the pertinent pressure and blood flow value ... continua >>

Chemical Sciences


For submission of the thesis

Development of new molecular systems and innovative materials for regenerative photoelectrochemical cells.


Dr. Laura Casarin  has focused her PhD work on the improvement of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC),  which are transparent devices,  recognized to hold great potential for a relatively cheap and easy-to-scale approach to direct solar-to-electrical power conversion. The approach she followed consisted in analyzing and modifying the different DSSC components: the sensitized photoanode, the counter electrode and the electronic mediator, contributing all together to the global cell functioning. Each of these elemen ... continua >>


Dr.ssa Elena Dorato

For the presentation of the research thesis entitled:
“The Active City. Urban Planing and Design Enhancing Health and Physical Activity”


Dr. Elena Dorato stood out during the course of her international Ph.D. for developing with enthusiasm and dedication an original and highly interdisciplinary research, investigating important contemporary urban issues tightly connected to the socio-cultural and epidemiological lifestyles modifications of urban populations. The recent conceptualization of the Active City model – meaning urban environments capable of facilitating the practice of physical ... continua >>

Molecular Medicine and Pharmacology

Dottoressa Alba Clara Sarti

For the presentation of the research thesis entitled:

Il recettore P2X7 modula il metabolismo mitocondriale


Dr. Alba Clara Sarti during her Ph.D. Course started with enthusiasm and dedication an entirely novel research project that led to the identification of a novel modulatory molecule of mitochondrial metabolism under physiological and pathological conditions. Mitochondria are the most important energy-producing device in our cells as they synthesize at the expense of oxygen a molecule with high-energy content named ATP. ATP is the most important high-energy intermediate generated and u ... continua >>

Farmacologia e Oncologia Molecolare

Dottoressa Claudia Morganti

Per la presentazione della tesi di ricerca dal titolo:
Regolazione della morte e del differenziamento cellulare: nuovo ruolo per ATP sintasi, PML e metaboliti mitocondriali


La Dr.ssa Claudia Morganti si è distinta durante il corso del triennio di Dottorato per aver contribuito allo sviluppo di tre progetti di ricerca innovativi e originali di fondamentale interesse scientifico che hanno portato a identificare un nuovo ruolo per proteine coinvolte nei processi di morte e di differenziamento cellulare. Il primo proggetto sviluppato ha come obbiettivo l’identificazione molecolare del “poro di perme ... continua >>