The Prize “Giulio Natta” with the collaboration of a jury composed of renowned researchers selected in the National and International which, according to the scientific field chosen from year to year, must identify the scientist worthy of recognition.

Scientific Committee “Giulio Natta” Award for Chemistry

Edition 2017


Prof. Pietro Dalpiaz – Presidente

Prof Antonio Guarna

Prof. Paolo Galli

Ing. Gabriele Mei

Prof. Vincenzo Busico

Prof. Markus Busch

Prof. Giulio C. Sarti

“Nicolò Copernico” Award for Biomedical Sciences


Prof. Tognon Mauro – President

Prof.ssa Immacolata De Vivo

Prof. Giovanni D’Angelo

Evaluation Committee for innovative thesis in science and technology


Dr. Bolognesi Alfredo – Presidente

Ing. Claudio Mingozzi

Prof. Pietro Dalpiaz

Prof. Tognon Mauro