The Special Prize “Natta and Copernico” for the Scientific Popularization, is assigned to a known representative of the television world for his remarkable contribution in the dissemination of the Science. It consists in a sculpture of the “maestro” of art Carlo Zoli.

The prize “Giulio Natta” for the Chemistry is dedicated to a senior researcher, whose scientific activity has contributed substantially to improving the quality of our life and has left a significant mark on our community. It consists of a contribution to the value of 3,000 Euro and a silver medal, depicting the face of the Nobel Prize winner Prof. Giulio Natta.

The “Giulio Natta” prize makes use of the contribution of a scientific committee of established, nationally and internationally identified researchers. The committee will identify the scientist who deserves recognition.

The Prize “Nicolò Copernico” for Biomedical Sciences is assigned to a young researcher less than 35 years old, who has stood out to the scientific community for an article published by an important international Journal. It consists in a grant contribution of 3.000 Euro and a medal depicting the face of Nicolò Copernico.

The “Nicolò Copernico” acknowledgments to Ph.D. fellows for innovative thesis in sciences and technologies consists in a bronze medal depinting the face of Nicolò Copernico and a vellum with motivation.

Further “Nicolò Copernico” Prizes and rewards, consisting of a certificate of merit and a medal, could be assigned yearly to other young researchers deserving a mention for appreciable innovative works carried out in other research fields and those prizes.

The scientific juries of the Prizes are named by the Promoting Committee, as established by the Statute.


The prizes will be awarded during a public ceremony at the “Circolo dei Negozianti, Giovecca 47” – Roverella Palace in Ferrara on October 7, 2017, at 10.00 a.m. The City authorities as well as the Representatives of the Academic, Institutional, Religion and Industrial Communities will attend the ceremony.