Duilio Giammaria

The Promoting Committee of the Natta and Copernicus Awards gives, for the 2018 edition, the Copernicus Prize for scientific divulgation to Dr. Duilio Giammaria for the excellent activity of disseminator of Science and Technology. The highly popular scientific dissemination activity of Dr. Duilio Giammaria occurs above all with the television broadcast of RAI 1 “PETROLIO”. The services presented through “Petrolio”, set up with a very innovative format, make it possible to arrive in a simple but non-trivial way to a large cohort of TV viewers, thus diffusing significant aspects of current knowledge of applied sciences and innovative technologies. The television services presented by the “Petrolio” broadcast of RAI 1, prepared and organized with great professionalism by Dottor Duilio Giammaria and collaborators, allow a wide audience to acquire in a direct way some fundamental knowledge of the sciences applied to widely used products. The scientific and technical knowledge used by “Petrolio” greatly helps their timely dissemination to viewers of different cultural backgrounds. The services selected by Dr. Duilio Giammaria are always accompanied by important knowledge and scientific discoveries that are able to permeate the viewer encouraging dissemination. The activity carried out by the Doctor Duilio Giammaria for scientific divulgation is on the whole of excellent level. With these motivations, the Jury awards the Copernicus Prize for scientific dissemination for 2018 to Dr. Duilio Giammaria. The Award consists of a bronze of an Art Master.


He began to collaborate with the Giornale Radio 3 in 1982, but then worked on Rai Due from 1987 to 1991 and from 1991 to 1996 on Rai Tre, where he produced the primetime reportage Sud in collaboration with the French television network TF1. Since 1998 he has worked at TG1, in the Foreign and Special editors. As sent by foreigners, he has long followed the war in Iraq and also in Afghanistan.

In this regard, he has made numerous documentaries and reports, also receiving two special mentions for his work. He was the author of Extra, the first European co-production program. He directs the jury of the international satellite television award Eutelsat Hot Bird Awards.

He collaborated with the World Bank in the framework of the “Communication for Development” initiative with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for which he made the documentary East Meet West An Italian Jouney in Central Asia, focusing on the Italian tradition in Central Asia.

He wrote the book Seta e Veleni Racconti from Central Asia, published by Feltrinelli in 2006 and reissued in Universal Economics three years later (2009). In 2007 and 2008 he collaborated on the Unomattina (Rai Uno) television program. It leads Unomattina Summer in the summer of 2007 (with Veronica Maya).

In the summer of 2013 with Benedetta Rinaldi, she again conducted the summer version of Unomattina. F

rom 16 August 2013, he is always conducting the Petroleum in-depth program on Rai Uno. Since September 2013 it has been confirmed to run the traditional version of Unomattina alongside Elisa Isoardi, reconfirmed for the third year.