“Giulio Natta” Award

Ludwig Böhm

Professor Ludwig Böhm is without any doubt, the scientist whose contribution has been greatest to the discovery and appreciation of that large volume material, known with the generic name of “High Density Polyethylene” or “HDPE”, transforming it from a commodity to an admired, sophisticated specialty material.
Three are the key specific reasons for which he deserves to be considered for the Giulio Natta Award:
1) the systematic and elegant approach he has selected and developed since the very beginning of his R&D activity in the area of the Ethylene polymerization in the 70s. Prof. Böhm gave priority to the understanding of the basic phenomena involved in the catalysis, the ... continua >>

“Nicolò Copernico” for Biomedical Sciences

Carlotta Giorgi

The scientific publication and the research project of Dr. Carlotta Giorgi, Department of Experimental and Diagnostic Medicine, University of Ferrara, are focused on the study of the involvement of promyelocytic leukemia (PML) protein in the control of cell death and to unravel the role of PML in the complex interplay between apoptosis and autophagy. PML is a protein, encoded by a tumor suppressor gene implicated in the pathogenesis of leukemia and cancer.
The recent work, that Carlotta Giorgi and colleagues published in Science, clearly established the primary role of PML in the control of apoptosis, and provided some insight into the molecules and signals invol ... continua >>

Premio “Nicolò Copernico” per l’Ingegneria Meccanica

VM Motori S.p.A.

The Prize is assigned to the group of Engineers and Technicians of the R&D department of VM Motori, Cento. The company is specialized in the design and production of diesel engines.
VM has been able to impose itself with success in the competitive and demanding world of diesel engines.
Search and innovation, flexibility and adaptability, support to the client from the beginning of every project up to their conclusion are the main principles of the success obtained by VM Motori.
It is important to bear in mind that the engines produced by VM have been selected for automotive applications, by important world industries such as Jeep, Chrysler, ... continua >>

Special Natta and Copernico Award for the dissemination of the Science

Piero Angela

The Award consists in a sculptress Mirella Giacomelli’s work representing St. George in the action to kill the dragon.
According to us, Dr. Angela symbolizes the Science defeating the Ignorance.

The award-winning, focus on his personal will to withdraw recognition at the Awards Ceremony 2012 edition

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