“Giulio Natta” Award

M.Sc. Robert Kirschbaum

As a leader of DSM’s innovation team he directed, developed and brought through the Gelspinning and ultra drawing process, for which special tailor made UH-Mw-PE fiber and film grades had to be developed.
Fiber is well known as Dyneema; biaxially drawn films as Solupor, Solufill, Solutex Sales for fiber and films: > 250 Mio Euro/year (2008).
His second major achievement was to create and commercialize the Engineering Plastics compounded grades of PA 4.6, known as Stanyl by changing the focus from the unsuccessful PA 4.6 fiber to an engineering plastic assortment with advantageous high tech applications Sales ~ 250 Mio Euro/year (2008).
His pioneering leadership/contribution on ... continua >>

“Nicolò Copernico” for Biomedical Sciences

Dott.ssa Ludovica Segat

The research project of Dr. Ludovica Segat, Medical Genetics Service, Institute for Maternal and Child Health “Burlo-Garofalo”, Trieste, is aimed to identify the host genetic factors involved in the development of female gynaecologic cancers associated with Human Papilloma oncogenic viruses (HPV). The objective of the study is to identify and validate new markers for preventive and therapeutic approaches for the treatment of gynaecologic cancers. The innovative approach proposed by Dr. Segat involves the analysis of human genes that are specific of the innate immunity and chronic inflammation. The study is designed to disclose the role of these genetic factors in the chronic/r ... continua >>

“Nicolò Copernico” Award for Physics

Dott. Matteo Mannini

Matteo Manninni gives an important contribution in the discovery of a molecule containing four ion iron(III), that complex can be organized on a gold surface maintaining the magnetic hysteresis, at present only at low temperature, but approaching the possibility to the construction of memoires where one molecule is a bit. The experimental research was performed in the laboratories of the Firenze University and in the Synchrotron Light Labs.

Matteo Mannini was born in Empoli (FI) in 1978. At present he is a post-doc researcher at the Laboratory for Molecular Magnetism in the Chemistry Department “Ugo Schiff” of the Florence University and affi ... continua >>