“Giulio Natta” Award

Prof. Ann-Christine Albertsson

Prof. Ann-Christine Albertsson is proposed among several highly qualified candidates to be the recipient of this award due to her outstanding and broad scientific contribution to interdisciplinary areas of interaction of ecologically sound polymers and biosciences.
Contributions include the use of polymeric materials in a broad range of biochemical applications for the medical benefit of mankind, the development of functional polymers from non-edible renewable resources, and an increased understanding of long term properties of polymers. Several of the development areas have been or are scaled up to commercial use.
Prof. Ann-Christine is highly valued by the scientific commu ... continua >>

“Nicolò Copernico” for Biomedical Sciences

Dott.ssa Amalia Conti

The scientific project proposed by Dr. Amalia Conti, Oncology Research Laboratory, Orthopedic Institutes, Bologna, has the aims to detect and to validate biomarkers for the prognosis and cure of bone tumours at high grade of malignancy. The new methods indicated in the project, together with the present techniques, will allow Dr. Conti to verify whether the malignant cells of the bone tumour express specific proteins, the biomarkers. Marker proteins and microRNAs will be the target of new therapeutic approaches to cure the high grade osteosarcomas, which are often resistant to anti-neoplastic drugs. At the same time these molecules will be used as new prognostic markers of th ... continua >>

“Nicolò Copernico” Award for Physics

Prof. Paolo Samorì

For relevant discoveries performed in the Instute ISOF’CNR Bologna:
-in a research field at the interface between chemistry and physics, and in particular on applications of scanning probe microscopies (AFM, STM, KPFM, C-AFM) beyond imaging,
-on hierarchical self-assembly of hybrid architectures adsorbed at surfaces, on supramolecular electronics, and on the fabrication of molecule-based nanodevices.

Paolo Samorì was born in Imola (Italy) on 3 May 1971. He is now full professor (PR1) at the Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (ISIS) of the Université de Strasbourg (UdS) and he is Director of the Nanoche ... continua >>