Premio “Giulio Natta”

Prof. Arkady Dykman

Professor Arkady S.Dykman is a world-wide leader in the field of the petrochemical processes and of the heterogeneous catalyst technology. He has developed a novel theoretical approach to the understanding and the management of the activity and the selectivity of the heterogeneous catalytic systems for the decomposition of oxygen containing compounds . His studies have brought to the development and implementation of several important families of petrochemical processes. Among the most important the processes for the synthesis of isoprene, formaldehyde, phenol, acetone, bisphenol, together with a large variety of other important chemical components and catalysts of high interest for the pet ... continua >>

“Nicolò Copernico” for Biomedical Sciences

Dott.ssa Alice Tosi

The scientific project proposed by Dr. Alice Tosi, University of Ferrara, has as a final goal the detection of new molecular markers expressed in human malignant pleural mesothelioma cells. The innovative molecular and cellular approaches presented in the research proposal will allow to verify whether the overexpressed adenosinic receptors can be considered new markers, both in the malignant cells of the mesothelioma and in the serum of the patient.The project will be carried out, during the experimental phase, in tight synergism between the research laboratory and clinic for a rapid transfer of the results to the oncologic field. The project well formulated, its real feasibility, and the ap ... continua >>

“Nicolò Copernico” Award for Physics

Dr. Francesco Valle

Dr. Francesco Valle developed in the laboratory of the Nanosciences, University of Bologna, a method based on single molecule stretching experiments by the atomic force microscopy. This new technical approach contributed to improve the knowledge in the field. The work of Dr. Valle demonstrated the potential of the approach to the single molecule to understand conformational transitions at low energy of the proteins, otherwise inaccessible by techniques based on statistical methods. Dr. Valle has also observed the very early phases of processes of the protein aggregation, starting from a single molecule. The original technique allows to observe elementary behaviors in col ... continua >>