“Giulio Natta” Award

Dott. Norio Kashiwa

The Giulio Natta Award 2006 will be granted to Norio Kashiwa PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Mitsui Chemicals, Japan. Norio Kashiwa has contributed in an outstanding way to the development and success of polypropylene materials. After Prof. Corradini being honoured for the evaluation of the solid state structure of polyolefins in 2003, Prof. Brintzinger (2004) for the discovery of stereorigid ansa metallocenes for the synthesis of new polyolefins, especially new polypropylene grades, and Prof. Galli (2005) for the development of high mileage catalysts and their industrial application in advanced technologies to produce polyolefin materials for a broad range of applications, this year Norio ... continua >>

“Nicolò Copernico” for Biomedical Sciences

Dott.ssa Debora Martorelli

The project proposed by Dr. Debora Martorelli, Cancer Center, Aviano (Pordenone) is focused on the use of a new kind of active therapy against hepatitis C virus (HCV)-related lymphomas. The proposed experimental immunotherapy allows the treatment of a large number of patients affected by close-related lymphomas. Moreover, the protocol foresees the production of an idiotypic vaccine, which could represent a general model for the development of immunotherapy procedures against other types of human tumors. The experimental phase of the project will allow, very likely in the short period, to transfer the innovative therapeutic approach to the clinical field. The scientifi ... continua >>