dedicated to the divulgation of Science and Technology

Theme of the Convention: “The borders of the scientific research”.
Scientific Convention organized for the “CARICE Cento Foundation”.

On Thursday May 6,2010 – at 4 p.m. al “Salone di Rappresentanza” of the Bank “Cassa di Risparmio di Cento” (address: Corso del Guercino, 32 Cento – Ferrara).

The “CARICE Cento Foundation” and the Promoting Committee of the prizes “Giulio Natta” and “Nicolò Copernico” promote an educational meeting in order to show the latest aims in the technological and computer research.

Welcome by Doct. Milena Cariani, President of the “Cassa di Risparmio di Cento”

“Internet and its evolution”
Prof. Fabrizio Luccio
Computer Dept. of the University of Pisa

“The relationshios between information, Communication, and Technology”
Prof. Gianluca Mazzini
Engineering Dept. of the University of Ferrara

At the end of the Convention, the guest will be greeted with a refreshment.