Special “Natta and Copernico” Award for the dissemination of the Science

Dr. Alberto Angela

Alberto Angela (born 8 April 1962) is an Italian paleontologist and scientific popularizer.

For its superb work of popular science. The dissemination of knowledge made by Dr. Alberto Angela with television formats such as Ulysses and the Northwest Passage is irreplaceable and incomparable level. These programs, along with books and papers, greatly contribute to the widespread dissemination of science and technology. The Natta and Copernicus Award for Dr. Alberto Angela is a work of art teacher Carlo Zoli. Represents a warrior as he prepares to embark on a new battle. In our interpretation of the warrior symbolizes the man who alwa ... continua >>

“Giulio Natta” award for Chemistry

Dr. Giampiero Morini

Graduated in Chemistry in 1983 at Pavia University, Italy.
During his career he contributed to the discovery, development and industrialization of the most recent classes of Ziegler-Natta catalysts used in the stereospecific polymerization of propylene: in addition to a number of phthalate based PP catalysts, he has been the key contributor in the development of the 5th generation PP catalysts, based on diether and succinate internal donors, all used in various process technologies (Spheripol, Spherizone, Catalloy and 3rd party tech.).
His strong innovation attitude and strategic vision was further demonstrated with the commitment he dedicated to the development and industrialization of highly ... continua >>

“Nicolò Copernico CARIFE – Fondazione CARIFE” Award for Biomedical Sciences

Dott. Marco Montagner

The work of Dr. Marco Montagner, published in the 2013 by the prestigious Journal Nature, is focused on the characterization of a new protein with anti-metastatic property, named Sharp 1. The research of Dr. Montagner shows that the protein Sharp 1 counteracts the aggressiveness of the cancer, which depends of the activity of the powerful oncogene HIF-1 alpha. The published investigation is original and addressed to the important topic, such as the metastasis of the breast cancer, which develops in a specific tumor type, named triple negative.
This kind of breast cancer is very aggressive and at present without a pharmacologic t ... continua >>

“Nicolò Copernico” Award for Young Business and Companies

International Petrochemical Technologies

“IPT is a company of young chemists and engineers who show courage to commit themselves on an international scale and dedication to their work, on the base of years of experience in the technology transfer, which has been attained thanks to the support and esteem of technicians and managers in the Italian petrochemical field.
In doing so, they have proved to strongly believe in their potentialities and be willing to shape their future”. IPT is a start-up company that is located in Ferrara and made up by 30 young people among chemists, engineers and technicians coming from any parts of Italy, and about 10 skilled specialists having experience in the Ital ... continua >>